Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Time For An Update. Ready?

First and most importantly - we've moved our trail maintenance day to Sunday. We've moved our trail maintenance time to 3pm. We're keeping our meet spot at Lowell & Homestead the same, at least until we move it.

In summary: 3pm, Sundays, Lowell & Homestead intersection.

There's plenty to do. Seriously.

For example. The Vandals are back and we must keep up with them. The exit ramp off one of the wooden obstacles has been removed and must be replaced. The joy of The Vandals is we never know from week to week what they'll be assigning us.

For another example. It's fall. The leaves are falling. The leaves are falling and covering the trail. The trails are covered with leaves. This presents a grand opportunity. The opportunity is to define the trail by raking the leaves to the edges of the trail. Defining the trail pays dividends well into the next season because it focuses the riding. Help us rake. You don't even need to bag the leaves when you're done. We WANT the leaves to stay.


Now let's talk about our volunteers. There were 8 of them last Sunday. Yeah. 8. 8. With 8 people stuff gets done.

Adam, Ben and Kyle from FAST! Yeah, they count. Janelle, Pete, AJ, Bob & Colin. First of all, AJ! Second of all, Colin was out riding and got off his bike and picked up a rake.

They improved bench cuts by digging. And they raked. And they rocked.

Volunteers. We owe you. We won't forget.


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