Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Road Trip!

Who: Adam "Atom" Weischedel, Vice Prez-o-FAST, You, and three others (maybe more, maybe less).

What: Tear up super sweet singletrack via MORC (

Where: Staying up in the Twin Cities at my "old" casa in Inver Grove Heights (FREE LODGING)

When: Depart Friday 5/21/10 latter PM, ride Saturday mornin, Saturday day, Saturday early evening, Sunday mornin and arrive Sunday 5/23/10 early PM

Why: Give FAST members an idea of what Leaders and Sioux Falls could have for sweet&#$ singletrack! See first hand the potential obstacles, technicals, controls devices and the awesomeness of well built trails. Lodging IS free and beer is on me because of the second reason why I ask for "man" power.

I am moving my girlfriend's and my belongings back to Sioux Falls this weekend. Unfortunately I need at least one strong back to assist me in about 60 minutes of moving labor. A day and half of riding and beer for 1/24th of a day's work moving my belongings; think about it!

How: My stuff will be hauled via my work truck and trailer. I can haul two peeps red neck style and all bikes via the truck as well, negating the need for roof racks and/or rear racks on a second vehicle.

Contact Info:
Adam Royal Weischedel
Cell: 605-929-8164
Work: 605-332-2291

If you have not decided by 5/21/10 I will be attending the FAST table
at Bike2Work @ MoVM. Check me out just so the "stranger danger"
element can be eliminated and you can meet me personally if you have
not done so already.

I thank you all personally for considering,


Monday, May 17, 2010

5/18 Hearing -- POSTPONED! Seriously.

Singletrack Supporters,

There has been a last minute postponement of the Leaders Park hearing with the Parks and Recreation Board. We have been told the new mayor would like an opportunity to get up to speed with our proposal before the Board takes action.

What this means is there is no hearing on Tuesday May 18th. I will provide the new hearing date as soon as it has been established.

Thank you for your support. Without it this project could not happen.

Chris Pierson
President, FAST Inc.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Next Step: Day of Reckoning

On Tuesday May 18th Falls Area SingleTrack (FAST) will appear before the Parks and Recreation Board. We will present our case for approval of the singletrack project in Leaders Park. The hearing will be held at the Oyate Community Center, 2421 West 15th Street, beginning at 4:00 PM.

All of our hard work over the last year and a half come down to this hearing. It is imperative that FAST supporters make every effort to attend. The Board MUST know there is community wide support for this project.

Please come!