Sunday, September 8, 2013

We're Moving Right Along

We're two Thursdays in to our trail improvement and expansion. By attending both work sessions Janelle, Chris and Evan are leading the way through the park. John, Nate and Phil are right behind them.

We're not asking for huge commitments from our volunteers. Adam and Ben will be leading the effort on Thursdays nights until the work is finished or the weather gets mean. Come out and move some dirt around for a couple hours. If everyone who likes us on Facebook came out once before the end of October we'd have 41 people a night!

Adam says this about Thursday's progress, "100ft / 2hrs = 50ft/hr...50ft/hr / 6vols = 8.33ft/hr/vol...average by IMBA standards and we were in the deeper of bench cuts..." - which is what we're asking for. Come two hours on a Thursday and scratch 16 feet of trail into the ground.

Thursdays. Start @ 6pm. Finish  @ dark. The meet spot is just east of Lowell Ave & Homestead Circle.

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