Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's On!

A week ago, to prepare for a neighborhood representative tour, we climbed through Leaders Park with an eye toward explaining the trail routes. Each time we visit the park we learn a little bit more about it.

In one particular section there is a coffee table, a vacuum, and this microwave. The Kitchen seems an apt name for this section.

The park needs some bridges. FAST has bridges. We selected two locations for placement. Trail design will connect them.

The FAST braintrust met on the east side of the park for some base touching too.

This gal kept us all honest.

Over the course of the week FAST paid its first annual insurance premium, had the waiver approved by the lawyer, and was told by the parks department to go ahead with the plan.

Word went out and volunteers were aligned. Yesterday's task was to get the bridge work as far along as possible. The FAST cart and another powered wheelbarrow were employed to place the four bridge footings.

Also four 30ft steel trusses were placed in proximity to their final position.

Many thanks to the awesome team of 10 people that lent thier muscles to FAST on it's very first work day.

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