Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Like To Move It

Weekend #2 at Leaders Park. Saturday was a gorgeous day to frolic amongst the trees.

--- the Bridges of Leaders Park ---

Last week we talked about bridge work. Here are a couple shots of their progress. We let them lie this weekend pending trail routing review from a neighborhood representative.

Heavy metal.


--- the Rocks of Leaders Park ---

Remember that pile of rock mentioned a few posts ago that LG Everist gifted FAST? Task #1 for the weekend: MOVE IT.

Down the hill on a motorized, tractorized wheel barrow.

Down the hill in a regular human controlled wheelbarrow. What's a FAST event in the park without a dog present? Woof!

Here's Mr. Clean - gettin' dirty.

In the end the rocks are placed in proximity to where they will be needed.

Here's one of those meddling kids involved in that singletrack trail building stuff. Smiling after another trek down the hill.

I hope he can find his way back out of there.

As of late Saturday - thanks to the efforts of a team of 15 volunteers the rock pile was a small fraction of its former self.

We should be able to wrap the task up by quitting time Sunday. It's simply bonus that park neighbors requested the "eyesore" rocks be moved ASAP. Within a few weeks, job done.

Yep, FAST Rocks!

--- the Trails of Leaders Park ---

Last but not least, a rough draft of the easy trail has been flagged.

In the end a clinometer will be used to assure the trail grades remain sustainable and pin flags will be placed frequently enough to guarantee proper digging. For now the flags are placed at eye level every 10 or 15 feet.

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