Saturday, September 4, 2010

September Update

First. The fifth item in this list is an announcement of a party for FAST people. Don’t miss it.

Second. The trailbuiding tools are here – and by tools we DON’T mean you honorable people who have signed up to be trailbuilding volunteers. We mean Mcleods and Pulaskis and Clinometers and OH MY! Yes this could be the biggest gathering of such tools in Sioux Falls – ever!

WAIT, who paid for this? Ummm…shuffle, shuffle, and shuffle – YOU DID. Are you a FAST member? Did you attend a Snakebite Bike Swap? Did you buy an “I Bike SF” t-shirt? Did you just plain hand FAST some cold hard cash? Yeah, that’s right, we pooled our resources and now we have tools.

Third. FAST went through the Leaders Park project with The City’s ADA Review Board. It was yet another cross the “I” and dot the “T” necessity when making use of public land. We appreciate that board’s encouragement of, openness to, and happiness of - our plan. We passed.

Forth. FAST leadership meets this week with Park’s staff to begin to hammer out the agreement between The City and FAST. This agreement will define how we use the park.

Fifth. It’s a Party. September 25, 7:30pm at Monk’s House of Ale Repute. Mark your calendars and be alert for additional details. Keg provided by Snakebite Productions. View and play with the tools. Purchase the brand new heretofore unseen FAST t-shirts. Become a member. Signup to volunteer. Etc.

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  1. The party at Monk's will be "Thee Party of the Year." Miss it at your own peril!!!