Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's August...Do You Know Where Your Singletrack Is?

First off - even when it looks like there's nothing going on - oh yes - there's stuff going on. For example, since most FASTies aren't up watching TV at 6:30am, and even if you were you might not have been watching KDLT - President Chris broadcast the FAST message Friday morning.

Watch it here. Big thanks to KDLT - they really seem to like the bike stuff.

Second off - it's been raining. So much so that Public Works has been forced into messing up many of the parks with raw sewage. Keeping the parks open requires much work to cleanse the equipment and buildings. Yup they've been busy.

So our meeting to form the draft agreement between FAST and PARKS has been delayed. But not indefinitely.

Third off - this month FAST will be explaining the Leaders Park plan with the ADA Review Board. Some level of approval from them is necessary as we're making a new use of the public land.

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