Saturday, January 9, 2010

You're The Sort Of Fellow We'd Like To Meet...

The December issue of bike Magazine contains information about the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s new model – “Ride Centers.” Figuring heavy in to the IMBA’s Ride Centers effort is Crosby, Minnesota’s Cuyuna Lakes Ride Center, 2.5 miles north of the Twin Cities. This is certainly exciting news for the future of Minnesota mountain biking.

Figuring heavy into the creation of this Ride Center is a guy named Tim Wegner. “We’re going to start off with 23 miles, because that’s all the acreage that’s available to us right now. But the trail system here has the potential to be 40 miles.”

“So far, Wegner has helped oversee a fundraising effort that’s garnered some $700,000 from the FHA, $250,000 from the Minnesota DNR, $150,000 from a state bonding bill, and about $90,000 in donations from groups like IMBA and bike-parts distributor QBP.”

This guy Tim seems like the sort of fellow a fledging trail building group like ours should spend some time with. Maybe get to know a little.

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  1. great article...great concept...great guy (Tim)... while the sioux empire may not be a imba ride center or a imba epic trail, the sioux empire will perfectly suit the constituents when two parties, like FAST and Tim Wegner, join forces!!! Good luck to FAST and rock on Tim...