Saturday, January 23, 2010

...And The Beat Goes On

The Parks Department has considered the comments left by the bike community and the neighborhood. There is a need to address some concerns. FAST and Parks sat in a room together Friday afternoon so we could all look at the same picture of what the next month looks like.

That picture shows them addressing the things they need to address and FAST addressing some things FAST needs to address. By the end of the month things will be addressed and the next step will be taken.

In much less interesting news...

FAST has a shiny new address, PO Box 90144, SF, SD, 57109-0145. Go ahead, send something. Money.

Do you like Twitter? fast_inc

Articles of Incorporation have been signed and delivered to the South Dakota Secretary of State. A process.

Bylaws will be drafted and ratified.

Your chance to officially join FAST is on the horizon.

The spring build kickoff event is in our thoughts and the summer build schedule is in our dreams.

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