Thursday, March 17, 2016

State of the Dirt 2016

Back to dirt!
Trail Maintenance Thursday Tonight at Leaders Park. 6-7:30.
It's been a while since we've given our members/volunteers and followers a comprehensive update.
Over the past few years our core efforts have been maintaining Leaders Park and improving the existing trail. During 2015 we signed a new usage agreement with the City of Sioux Falls for Leaders Park that is good through 2020 with an option for extension through 2025. The future of your existing trail is secure.
Also during 2015, FAST started work on a new proposal to build new and maintain existing rogue trail along the Big Sioux River and more specifically Yankton Trail Park, West Tomar Park and Tomar Park. We're happy to announce that a new usage agreement is in place for FAST to do so in Yankton Trail Park and West Tomar Park. Our proposal for Tomar Park was not approved as there's pending activity and a proposal with the Disc Golf Association for that property. Some of you likely helped ride in a nice fat bike snow trail this winter in that location where we had proposed to build trail.
Here's a fly-over of 2016 plans so far:
Yankton Trail - There's rogue trail that is fun to ride between the bike trail and the river. Our plan is to add trail where there's space and improve and maintain existing trail. The result will be over a mile of new, directional single track with some areas of two track / two way trail. It's a tight corridor and our plan is to maximize the space and create something everyone can enjoy.
Tomar West (just east of Minnesota Ave.) - Another chunk of dirt that begs for a combination of single track and a skills course with obstacles etc. Still finalizing plans on this section. More to come.
Leaders Park - Continue maintenance, repairs and erosion control as needed. We're currently working to rebuild or replace one of the broken ladder bridge obstacles.
Our Social Media Posts have indicated we'll need volunteers for current and future projects.
We will have Trail Maintenance Thursday at Leaders Park tonight (3-17-16) from 6-7:30. Trail marking has started at Yankton Trail Park from the Minnesota Ave. trail head and we'll be calling for volunteers soon when we can establish some build dates. Volunteer SWAG is in the works and we'll have a limited number of Trail Crew shirts and gloves coming to maintenance and build sessions this year.
Member Meeting - FAST would like to hold a member meeting and open house in April to connect with the local trail user community and discuss current and future opportunities. Dates/Time TBD. Stay tuned for updates.
IMBA Meeting - FAST, along with other regional organizers will be meeting with our Region Director from the International Mountain Bike Association in early April. IMBA and FAST both stand to learn and share information about current development and future opportunities in and around Sioux Falls. We'll share what we learn at our member meeting.
Recently, FAST added a new board member at large, Ron Paul Dezell, whose passion and hard work have made a big difference over the last few years as a member and now board member of FAST.
Falls Area Single Track Board Members are:
Adam Weischedel
Brad Blomberg
Ben Blomberg
Bob Solomon
Mike Christensen
Ron Paul Dezell
Did you get this same info via email earlier today? If not fill out this form and we'll get you on our list.…/1nt5mB6h-14VPYMejXw6VJ0…/viewform…


  1. Where's our pump track 14th and cliff would b a great spot for it

  2. Are you able to share your usage agreement with the city? We'd like to improve trails in Grand Forks, and approaching local officials with an existing agreement from another regional group would be helpful.

    1. Matt - please e-mail

  3. When are the single track time trials ? Sounds like good times