Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winter War Mups

Baby, it's cold in the world are we going to make it to spring when it's this cold now?

Here's how...

-- FIRST --

January 28 we're going to gather downstairs at Acoustic and watch SingleTrack High. It's a film about kids who ride. There will be beverages and food. It will be a fundraiser for FAST too because we always need a money to pay our annual insurance premiums.

-- SECOND --

December 14 - ONE WEEK from this posting  - we're supporting The Riddlebox Fat Bike Endurance Race. Complete details and registration is here - Our in house chef - Adam rocks in the kitchen - seriously rocks - is makin' egg bakes for the 8am breakfast.

Also, and this cannot be overstated, Adam rocks in the kitchen.

-- THIRD --

We're looking ahead toward spring and adding singletrack. We want to complete the northend trail in Leaders Park to Homestead. We want to add and expand a section on the easy loop. Finally - and no promises here - we've done our part - other parties need to do their parts - we walked through here this fall to better see what singletrack would look like.


We're going to go out anyway, even if it's cold. We welcome all sorts of non-motorized activities in Leaders Park. Snowshoes, boots, bikes - what else? Come one out. It's beautiful in the winter too. HOWEVER, if it's wet not frozen, please stay off.

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