Saturday, April 27, 2013

Update: Leaders Park Branch Removal

From President Kyle:

Hopefully everyone has survived the last few weeks with this crazy weather we have been having. I was just at Leaders Park to survey the damage from the recent storm. There is a bit of damage to the trail in the order of trees blocking the trail.

We currently are setting up a plan for branch removal and trail clearing. I can't stress enough that no one not authorized by the board go in to Leaders Park and remove or cut any trees. The trail is still very wet from all the recent snow and shouldn't be ridden on.

When the time comes and the weather warms up we will have a few opportunities for you to help with branch removal and trail clearing. We will need everyone's help on this one. We can't make this happen with out all of you. We will be riding here soon. The park will be ready when the weather warms up and the trail dries out.

Check back here for information on branch removal and trail clearing soon.

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