Monday, April 12, 2010

Leaders Park Cleanup

What – A clean up of Leaders Park

When – Saturday April 24th beginning at 12:55 PM

Where – Leaders Park! Meet by the “Leaders Park” sign on the corner of E. 6th St and N. Leadale Ave.

Why – The Park could use some picking up, it’s good for the environment, and it shows the neighborhood and the Parks and Recreation department that Falls Area Single Track (FAST) is serious about stewardship.

Particulars – Please join FAST in our mission to do something to help make our city cleaner. We’ll meet by the “Leaders Park” sign on the corner of E 6th St and N Leadale Ave. Please bring one (1) kitchen sized or garbage can sized garbage bag. It might be a good idea to wear gloves.

Once everyone’s congregated we’ll fan out through the park. Designated FAST representatives will help to fan you out so all corners of the park get covered. Please pick up any trash you can find. Once your bag is full, please bring it to the designated drop spot, and you’re done! That’s it! Pretty easy and it won’t kill your whole weekend!

One more thing, if you have a pick up truck, and don’t mind hauling a load of garbage, please bring it as well. After we get the trash collected we’ll need to dispose of it properly.

Thanks in advanced from the FAST gang!

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