Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meeting #4 – January 31

We convened at Monk’s House of Ale Repute at noon. They agreed to open early and make use of their video projection system if we agreed to consume $50 worth of product. It’s a deal!

We enjoyed the goods they had to offer as we viewed the US Forest Service’s not quite award winning yet very informative DVD “Building Mountain Bike Trails – Sustainable Singletrack.” The DVD is available to taxpaying Americans for additional viewing pleasure from this Federal Highway Administration website.

We talked a lot about the details of the park design that was nearing completion. They say there could be 2 miles of singletrack begging to be loosed upon the community.

We approved a plan to host a small open house to invite the bicycling community in on what we’ve been up to and hopefully engage a few volunteer trailbuilders. The date was coincidentally and quite strategically set the weekend of Snakebite’s first ever Bike Swap. Posters were made available for distribution to select venues.

Finally we completed the read through of the proposal. We placed a plan to complete final edits of the proposal and deliver it to our contact within the parks department in mid-February.

After 3 hours we adjourned.


  1. Did Anyone ever build this trail?

  2. Did Anyone ever build this trail?